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Auto-Adds Your URL When People Copy n Paste Your Content

protect other from copying your content

Tynt is the world's leading publisher toolset, accurately predicts interest-driven user behavior on the Web for its vast network of premium partners. Tynt sees three out of every four of the world's unique Internet users, and captures their interests and social interactions in what represents the Interest Graph. This data provides highly precise measurements of consumer intent and equips publishers with the tools they need to react quickly to new opportunities. Tynt has revolutionized online customization and enabled publisher brands to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

This Tool will help you to get more backlinks from others sites who copied your content.

You do want to make every effort to protect your own content. You can setup a free account with Tynt in 30 seconds. Then you are taken to a home page that has already generated a line of HTML code for your website. You simply add this code in your footer or index file, just above the tag. From then on, anytime a visitor copies your content, a line that looks like this will be added at the bottom of whatever they copied…

content, content, content

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so visit register your account and make your site content protected :)

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