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Write In Different Languages Using Multi-Language Keyboard

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Type in Multiple Languages using Online Keyboard

Multi-language keyboard typing allows a user to write messages in various languages such as English, Urdu, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Romanian, Japanese and many more. New multi-language with the typing of English and other dual languages, it is easy to use this best dual language keyboard to write Arabic text Urdu alphabets and Hindi messages words.

All you need to do is, Open any of the following tools and write and choose the language you want to translate and start typing in English, it will automatically translate in your language. The best part is that, you don't need to download any software, you can simply use it in the browser or use the browser Extention.

These Free Tools will allow you to download your translated word in a document file that can be used for later use. It's easy to use and totally free.

Advantages of using Multi-Language Keyboard:

- You can type words using your mouse clicks. - No need to download any application to your pc. - You can post written words to many Social Networks with one click. - Download Words as a Document file. - Totally Free

Check out these 4 Free Multi-Language Keyboard Tools,

1. Sciweavers

Sciweavers i2Type is a free Pinyin keyboard online to write or scan the Pinyin site if you don't have a Pinyin keyboard. You can write emails, send messages, post to Facebook, address comments, etc. i2Type supports all languages around the world. Through pressing Caps Lock, Shift, Ctrl + Alt, or Ctrl + Alt + Shift, you can display invisible characters when you pick your script. You can save to social networks what you typed as a Word file, ask major search engines, or write. i2Type is also available as a Google Chrome Extension and a Firefox Add-On.

Use Sciweavers i2Type Keyboard

2. Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools allows you to easily type anywhere on the web in the language you want. Whether at home, at work, or somewhere in between, when you need it, connect in the language you need. In the language and style you like, get your message across. Switching between more than 80 languages and forms of input is as easy as typing.

Try Google Input Tools

3. Keyman

Keyman helps you to type in more than 1,000 languages on Windows, macOS, Linux, ios, iPad, Android tablets and phones, and even on your web browser instantly. With the most powerful keyboarding engine in the world, intuitive and fast text input is now possible in your language, and for more than 99 per cent of the mother tongues of the global population!

Try Keyman

4. Quillpad

Quillpad is an Indian language typing tool free of charge online. You will type in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, and Nepali. You can also type English words freely between Hindi words in Quillpad. It transliterates them smartly into Hindi.

Use Quillpad


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