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How to Use the Gmail Dot Trick to Generate Unlimited Gmail Addresses

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Gmail Dot Trick Free Email Addresses

What should you do if you need to create many accounts on the same website? If you're like me, you probably create many email addresses and then sign up for services with each of them separately. As ingenious as it is, going between various accounts to manage them is difficult. So, I discovered a neat Gmail trick that allows me to create and manage infinite accounts on a website using your main Gmail account.

This method, also known as the Gmail dot trick or the Gmail period trick, employs a dot (.) to trick other websites into believing you are using a different Gmail account than the one registered.

What is the Gmail dot trick?

While other email providers allow for address changes by adding dots, Google has opted to ignore periods entirely in its users' email addresses. Any combination of your e-mail address and those small dots is routed to the same mailbox. All dotted variants of your address are yours.

For example, might be or and the message would still be sent to the same recipient.

While Gmail does provide this feature, most other websites do not. As a result, adding a dot to your Gmail address while registering causes the website to see it as a whole new email ID. Gmail will, however, continue to send any emails sent to that address to the original email address.

How to use Gmail dot trick?

Using the Gmail dot technique is as simple as inserting a dot anywhere in a Gmail address before the @ sign when signing up for a website.,, or are examples. All emails received to these addresses will be sent to

Gmail will just omit every dot in the email address, regardless of how many dots you add or where they are added. However, you should register easier-to-remember dotted emails so that you can check in to the specific website afterwards.

Using Gmail Dot Trick Generators

Generate several new gmail addresses to link to your Google account using GMAIL DOT TRICK GENERATOR. As a result, you can redirect emails from many Gmail accounts to your primary Gmail inbox. This gmail generator is also known as Googlemail Trick, Gmail dot Trick, Fake gmail generator, Fake gmail generator, and Gmail trick generator.

You might find serveral Free Gmail Dot Trick Generator Tools on google search. Simply search for the keywords Free Gmail Dot Trick Generator and you will find tools to generate unlimited free emails in single click.


This trick was quite useful to me. I use it to manage various profiles as well as to create multiple test accounts. However, I recommend that you do not use this trick to misuse limited features or daily constraints of specific web services. That would be ethically repugnant.

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