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How to Play Android Mobile Games on PC or Laptop Free

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Best Android Emulator application for Pc Free gaming

Question is can you play android games on your pc? The answer is yes, you can! There are many Android Developer apps on the market nowadays that are used on your computer for the run. APK file. Although most of these tools are for the developer, you can only use them to check your applications. You also can use BlueStacks, SDK, Live Android to create your own application but need technical skills in the development of android apps.

Here are options for you if you have had enough to play your games on your tiny Android phone. In this post, we find four excellent ways to play different Android games on your machine so that you can play freely on a larger screen.

Check out 4 of the most popular applications to Play Android Games on PC or laptop.

1. BlueStacks

BlueStacks Best Android Emulator application for Pc Free gaming

BlueStacks is a hands-down Android emulator that allows users to download games and link to the cloud with several features. Although this is a free emulator for Android developers to test their Android apps, it is only for fun that we can make full use of it.

This is one of the best user-friendly applications for Android games and apps on Windows. You can run any Android application and game on a full HD screen, the best feature of BlueStacks. If you have a working Internet connection to the phone, you can also access any device from the android market directly.

The procedures are easy to download and install, so you can find the option to load the software or download it from the internet.

Download BlueStacks

2. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror Best Android Emulator application for Pc Free gaming

This ApowerMirror application professionally facilitates phone-to-PC streaming and allows users to access Android from their PC. It allows users to use the mouse to play Android games on their Mac. You may want to take a screenshot at certain moments, including getting a high score. During the period, users can take screenshots or record phone screens.

ApowerMirror supports mobile to computer monitor, or projection wireless transmission of images, photographs, and other media files. View options include Full-Screen mode or Landscape mode so that you have different views on a larger screen that everybody can see together.

Download ApowerMirror Free

3. Genymotion

Genymotion Best Android Emulator application for Pc Free gaming

GenyMotion is another popular market-based Android emulator. The speed and functionality of this software are impressive. You can drag and drop games and play them on a large screen.

With Genymotion Desktop build higher-quality applications. Emit 3000 + system configurations (Android versions, screen size, hardware power, etc.) for virtual Android. Using our complete range of hardware sensors (GPS, net, multitouch, etc.) to simulate each imaginable scenario.

Get Genymotion

4. NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer Best Android Emulator application for Pc Free gaming

NoxPlayer has been fully optimized, making both games and apps more stable and smoother. You have the same gaming experience as NoxPlayer as the PC and the console.

It Supports keyboard gamepad, recording scripts and multiple instances. Each feature is only appropriate for your gaming experience.

Get NoxPlayer

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