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Top 11 Social Networking Sites To Increase Your Website Traffic

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Social media Platform to Drive web traffic

Social networking sites are one of the best online platforms to increase traffic to the website.

The popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube has grown tremendously in recent years. The sheer number of members on many of these platforms is the primary reason that companies choose them as part of their internet marketing strategies.

The concept is similar to television advertising: the more popular the show, the more viewers you can attract with advertisements. However, the difference between the two kinds of ads is more helpful to internet marketing.

Social networking sites are a great way to create relationships and get website users free of charge. If you're well-liked on Facebook or Twitter, you'll probably get a lot of leads as well as easily exceed Google's website traffic along with a number of other online search engines.

Most of the social networking sites have their own features such as Groups, Pages, etc to target audiences on a particular niche.

Thinking about starting a website or having one already? keep reading to know how you can make use of these top social media networks to help you get the traffic you need on your blog.

1. Facebook

Facebook is clearly the market leader in terms of reach and scale. Since its launch, the site has influenced the social media landscape and has been an important factor in the networking of many people both locally and internationally. Below are simple steps you can take to draw more Free traffic to your website using Facebook.

  • Facebook Groups Targetting This includes posting your site links to specific groups that are important to your niche. For eg, if you're selling furniture and woodwork, you'll post your site links to furniture and woodwork product groups, not on electronics-discussion groups. While it's not as successful as the other two approaches, it's also a great way to meet new people who may be interested in your business.
  • Facebook Pages: Posting to your business page is a perfect way to let your customers and fans know what your business is doing. Whether it's your business content or updates about what your business is doing, keep in touch with your Facebook audience. You may also add special content to your Facebook page to make your page more useful to users, such as showing your events, listing your services, or displaying your upcoming events in the Events section.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging site that allows registered users to read and share short messages called tweets. The simplest way to promote the website is to tweet about it! Tweet all your new posts a few times a day and keep everyone up to date with everything that's going on with your website.

3. Linkedin

LinkedIn is perhaps the most underrated marketing platform available to you. When it comes to inbound marketing, LinkedIn could become the only marketing tool you will need to drive high-quality traffic to your site and build ready-to-convert leads. It is important to realize that LinkedIn is not only about traffic, but also about finding a high number of quality connections and potential leads. This is where LinkedIn pushes Facebook and Twitter out of the water. Just Like Facebook Linkedin Also have Groups and brand Pages options. You can find the number of groups to promote your website.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a mobile social network that enables users to edit and upload images and videos. With Instagram getting more popular among businesses interested in reaching the demographic age of 18–29 years old, it is important for companies to post on a daily basis, to have a responsive website, and to leverage one link on your profile page. For the benefit of improving Instagram traffic to an account, # Hashtags can be used in posts and comments to ensure that it hits the target audience.

5. YouTube

Video is very powerful. When harnessed properly, YouTube can be one of the most effective marketing platforms you've got. With YouTube and the right sort of content, your video reach to the platform is global. You could get your videos anywhere and watch the traffic tricks on your website. There is always a possibility that your YouTube video ranks high if it is relevant to a particular search, and this could mean more traffic to your website.

6. Ello

Ello is an ad-free, creative and minimalist kind of social network. If you're an artist, a designer, or some other type of creative, there's a social network you should be using. It is called Ello. Ello is unique in that it focuses on creativity and makers. In comparison to other more passive social networks, Ello is actively working to provide interactions and resources for creators. If you're already looking for a social network that can really do something for you, Ello could be it.

7. VK (Vkontakte)

VK aka Vkontakte is a Russian Social networking site having huge popularity in Europe. Just like Facebook, Linkedin; VK also features to create pages and public groups. If you are looking for traffic from Europe then you may try VK.

8. MeWe

MeWe is a feature pack social networking site that offers features similar to Facebook. MeWe Offers Groups, Pages, Events, and Live chat features to lure more people to come and join the community. It's a decent site to promote your website and boost lots of traffic.

9. Plurk

Plurk is another social networking site with a micro-blogging concept, which allows users to send updates, sharing links, and making new connections. Plurk has most of its audiences from Taiwan, Korea, and other east Asian countries.

10. Minds

Minds is a cross-platform distributed social networking site and one of the fastest-growing networks. Minds is a social network that pays you to post and rewards you for engagement. You can Post Content by creating a lock to it, When some see your post, they have to pay tokens to reveal your content.

11. Myspace

Myspace is one of the old players and still is popular amongst many western countries. you can Connect with Brands Follow their fans and target audiences easily. Post Your website articles regularly to your wall to increase visibility of your site.


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