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Best image hover social share Widget for Blogger

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Image sharing Widget for Blogger

There are many sites like Pinterest for submitting images for free and getting more traffic to your site. We have shared social sharing Plugins before to give more chances to your user to share your post on social networks. Now I come image sharing widgets for a blogger to earn more traffic from your images. It works simple, whenever someone moves his mouse pointer to any of your site's images he will see sharing buttons of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

We have a list of Top image sharing widgets for Blogger as following.

1. Slingpic

Slingpic is an image sharing widget that makes it easy for your users to share your images across their social networks and increase traffic to your site. Slingpic works across all major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Slingpic is one of the best Image sharing plugins for bloggers with cool themes and better customization.

2. Markerly Sharing Widget

Markerly is another choice for you which adds a layer of virality to your site by turning all photos, text, and videos instantly shareable. The best thing about Markerly is that it can share your pics, texts, and your page by shrinking the link. you can also look daily Analytics on your Dashboard.

3. Image All Hover Social Share Plugin

Image All Hover Social Share Plugin created by Tien Nguyen founder of Image All Hover Social Share Plugin is simple and easy to install by just adding a widget to your layout without editing any HTML code.

4. Pinterest Pin It button on image hover

Pinterest Pin It button on image hover Widget created by Greenlava the owner & founder of Pinterest Pin It button on image hover is been one of the popular widgets and most talking widgets by many of the Bloggers. You can also block it from multiple images at once. Simply wrap the image tags in a div tag and assign “nopin” class to the div.

Enjoy :)


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