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Change Facebook Profile Username After Limit Reached

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Changing Facebook Profile Username After Limit Facebook username can only be changed once for your personal Timeline but however, you can change your Profile Username After Reaching limit. This is a simple method by using it you can transfer your existing Profile username to your Page and after that, you can set a new username for your Profile.

How to Change Facebook Profile Username After Limit:

1. Create a Fan page with category Artist, Band or Public Figure Create a new page 2. Go to your Page Admin Panel & then cick Edit Settings & Click Update Page Info Update Page Info 3. Find Facebook Web Address Click on it then you will get the option Create a web address for a page? Click on it. Create a web address 4. Enter your account username there on page web address & Click Check Availability Check username availability 5. Now It will ask you to transfer username. Click on it. Transfer Username 6. After Transferring your Profile username to your page, your Username will be removed from your acocunt. Transfer Username to Page 7. Now go to Profile account setting and go to General Tab and set up your new Username Or you can Go to Through this link :§ion=username&view 8. Voila You Just Did it.


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