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Searching Ziddu Files

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As media sharing online, Ziddu has its own popularity. Ziddu users can get paid every time if others download his files with Pay per Download (PPD) facilities. While earning value given is not so large.

Ziddu do not has a file search facility like some other online storage sites such as 4shared, Rapidshare and others. It impossible to find files on Ziddu database.

To perform a file search, we can use the google search engine. Use keywordssite: filename. If you're looking for password.txt, type site: password.txt.

Another way is to have a list of Ziddu download link. List of the links is stored in the Notepad file on the Root folder. We can open the files at: Url List is available from urllist1.txtto urllist150.txt.

When opening the url address, the browser sometimes warns if we are visit to the forbidden area.

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