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Display Missing Files By Virus

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Your lost files by virus infection, was not lost, but in the hide by a virus with the type of super-hidden. Although the virus has been removed, however, your file remain in the hidden attribute.

The following steps show the files again. But, it is not for exe type files.

1. Open Notepad - New - Text Document, and then type the code below:

attrib –S –H -R /S /D *.*

a. attrib is an external DOS command function to view or modify attributes of a file.

b. -S is to clear the system attribute of all files in a active Directory/Folder.

c. -H is to disable the hidden attribute on all files in active Directory.

d. -R
is a turn off read-only attribute on files in the current directory (current directory).

e. /S is the process of matching files in current directory

f. /D is a processes in active Directory.

g. *.* is all types of files. If you only want to display Microsoft Word files, change to the *. doc command.

The combination of these attributes can be used to bring back files that were 'hidden', such as the impact of computer virus infection:

2. Then, Save As with Type = All Files, name = open.bat, encoding = ANSI.

3. Put new file that We created in the Drive where we are missing the files in both the Harddrive and Flashdisk.

4. Double-click the file ... wait a moment. Your lost files will reappear. If you are fail, do the second step by going to Command Prompt, and then went into Directory where the files are missing, then type attrib command above.

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