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Recover Deleted Files

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Lost data due to many reasons like virus caused, bad sector hard drive, error application, including system and other formats can still be recovered. But, the quality of the restored files maybe still in good condition or damaged depending on the time to eliminate it. If the removal of the file is long enough, then the file may be damaged. So that, recover the deleted files should be on doing.

Here are some free utilities to recover deleted files:
1. DiskDigger is a free software that can be used to restore or restore deleted files. This program is more specialized in the documents and multimedia files. DiskDigger is a desktop application that scans sectors of the physical media and hard drives for media files either complete or messes. Download DiskDigger.

2. Undelete Plus is a simple software that can be used to restore files that were deleted as Application, GIF graphics, HTML, Documents, PDF. Download Undelete Plus.

3. Restoration is one of the applications to restore the deleted files. These tools are also very easy to use and does not need to be installed on the computer. Simply run the executable file. Download Restoration.

4. PC Inspector File Recovery. This application is classified as a very powerful way to detect and restore deleted files. Having carried out the scanning process, the files are deleted will be displayed in a tree structure (tree structure). Download PC Inspector File Recovery.

5. Recuva will display a list of files that were deleted can be restored. Download Recuva.

6. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional. This software provides a very complete solution to the missing data. Download Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional.

7. Active Uneraser is one of the sophisticated software restores deleted files from the Windows operating system or DOS. In fact, Active Uneraser can also recover files from your hard disk already in the format. Download:
a. Active Uneraser version of Windows.
b. Active Uneraser DOS version.

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