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Using Trial Version Software Forever

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Promotion Software restricts usually limited time. So after the specified date, we will not be able to use it again, because the active period has ended. To activate it again, we are required to buy the full version.

A simple tool is to answer our need to be able to access the trial version software forever. In fact, we can limit the date of setting up the active period according to our wishes. Simple software is Time Stopper which can be downloaded for free here.

How to use:
1. Extract ST2.rar

2. Double-click to setup.exe (to start the installation process)

3. Open Time Stopper

4. Click the Browse button to search for a setup file that will be used forever.

5. Then select a new date on the "choose the new date" to determine the active period of the software. We can choose according to our desires (to 2 or 10 years)

6. Make the new name of the installer file in the box "Create Dekstops Short-Cut", to naming a new installer file active period.

7. Press the Exit button.

8. Run the new installer files via a short-cut that we make on the desktop earlier.

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