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Handling Infected Registry By Viruses

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If the virus works in the registry, it usually turns off some important features in computer facilities, such as Task Manager, Folder Options, Disable Registry and Run. so the computer often hangs. Therefore, automatically, the virus will make changes in the value of values that cause the computer becomes unstable or hang.

Handling a damaged registry
1. Download external Task Manager that called X-Ray PC here

2. Download the external registry called Registrar Lite here.

How to use:
1. First switch off the system restores feature for a while so that the virus did not restore back to himself. Right-click to My Computer on the shortcut desktop or on the Start menu, then select Properties. Then select the System Restore tab and check on Turn off System Restore on all drives.

2. Use X-Ray PC to shut down the virus process and run external Task Manager. Then proceed to fix the registry using an external registry called registrars Lite, and continue by changing the registry as follows.

- To repair the Task Manager issue, remove Dword value named DisableTaskMgr or change the value to 0 in:

- To repair Disable Folder Options issues, remove the Dword Value named NoFolderOptions or change the value to 0 in

- To repair Disable RUN issues, remove the Dword Value named NoRun or change the value to 0 in

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