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    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    Posting animated smileys on Facebook


    How To Post Animated smiley on your wall :

    1. go to this page ---->

    2.You can see smiley just click on smiley you want it will generated as as text. see textbox.

    3. Copy that code and update it using fb status Updater code.

    Code for your staus update :- API&redirect_uri=


    Change you api ----- HOw to get you own API

    Update friends status :- API&redirect_uri= friends ID


    Find Facebook id ------ How to find Facebook ID

    4. You are Done :)

    How To Post Animated smiley on your About me and Favorite Quotations :

    1. go to this page ---->

    2. Copy the code from textbox and paste it on you about me.

    3. You are Done ;)

    Some Blank Smiley code :

    Check out this page ------

    For more smiley Code use these Applications: Go to Emoji Emotions Tab

    1 comment:

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