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Posting flash media in Facebook status Version-1

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You can include rich media in the attachment for a post into a user's stream. The media parameter contains a type, which can be one of the following:


these media types render photos, Flash objects, and music, respectively.

Code for image attachment: &attachment=

{"media": [
"type": "image", 
"src": "", 
"href": ""
"type": "image", 
"src": "", 
"href": ""

check out more using flash media type and music media type from here, Facebook developers

you can create your own code just put that after, &attachment=

** Update you status with bold text :{"name":"your bold text here"}

just change the text from above code

Attributes are used withing code :

&target_id : your targeted id

find more attirbutes from here, Parameters

text code use with caption and name :

<tt> Teletype text </tt>
<i> Italic text </i>
<b> Bold text </b>
<big> Big text </big>
<small> Small text </small>

use this code within &caption and &name

Use FBML code inside the parameters:


and many more find from here, comments Xfbml

use this fbml code within name or caption parameter

like :
{'caption':'<fb:editor-date label="Field 2 - Date" name="field2" value="682448400" />'}

{'name':'<fb:editor-text label="Field 1 - Text" name="field1" />'}

Example code using all fbml ,html and streaming media : &
'caption':'<center><fb:editor-date label="Field 2 - Date" name="field2" value="682448400" /></center><br>',
'description':'<center><fb:editor-textarea label="Field 3 - TextArea" name="field3" rows="3" /></center><br>
<center><fb:editor-buttonset><fb:editor-button value="Submit"/> <fb:editor-cancel value=" Cancel" /></fb:editor-buttonset></center>',
'name':'<center><fb:editor-text label="Field 1 - Text" name="field1" /></center><br>',
'media': [{'type': 'image',
'src':  '',
'href': ''}]}

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