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    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    Remove Disabled Facebook Profiles from your Friend List


    remove disabled facebook profile from friend list

    Now days you can remove Disabled/Deactivated facebook accounts from your friend lists. but it cost you more time, for that we have script to remove all deleted accounts from your friends list.

    How to Remove Disabled Facebook Profiles from your Friend List:

    1. create a bookmarklet of following.

    javascript:%28function%28%29%7Bvar a%3Ddocument.createElement%28"script"%29%3Ba.type%3D"text%2Fjavascript"%3Ba.src%3D""%2BMath.random%28%29%3Bdocument.getElementsByTagName%28"head"%29%5B0%5D.appendChild%28a%29%7D%29%28%29%3B

    Or drag and drop the bookmarklet

    Remove Disabled FB Friends

    2. Go to your Facebook Friends list.
    Click here,

    3. Click on Remove Disabled FB Friends which should now be located in your bookmark toolbar.

    Facebook Friend remove tool

    4. You can choose Method 'Auto Remove' and click Start

    5. Now you are Done.

    Your Deactivated friends profile will be Removed.


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