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    Monday, October 15, 2012

    How to Hide Last Name from Facebook Profile


    Hide last name of facebook profile

    Hello i'm going to share a tutorial by which you can hide your last name on facebook.
    It may seems strange because facebook isn't allow you to do so but you can actually do that :-)

    First you need Indonesian Proxy servers. You can use following,

    HTTP Proxy:
    Port: 3128

    If this Proxy server is not working, get more proxy servers from here:

    Go to firefox browser and change proxy setting like this image below

    trick for hiding last name of facebook profile

    Steps to change proxy on Firefox

    Click firefox Button att the top > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Connection settings and choose manual proxy configuration. also tick use this proxy server for all protocols.

    put on No Proxy for box.

    Now go to your Profile,

    Change the language to bhasha indonesia

    remove your last name and save changes.

    (Just remember the steps if you dont understand bhasha indonesia. after you got your single name change your language to whatever you want )

    You are Done now your last name will not visible anymore.

    You can use some weird spacial characters just check this out,

    Demo :


    1. Great . Is there any way to Fully hide our name ?

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    2. No you can't there was one before but it's not working anymore.

    3. its not working !!

    4. i've reached the maximun change limit on my name! is there any other way?

    5. ... This work . tq for share . nice post

    6. Hello guys this trick is working again. check this updated post.

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