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How to Convert a Physical Book into an Audiobook for Free

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Turn Any Physical Book into an Audiobook Freely

The vast majority of people enjoy reading. It helps in the collection of new information and the development of imaginative skills. With books, you can travel anywhere in the world and interact with any character. Reading, on the other hand, appears to be difficult for most people.

That is why most people prefer audiobooks over physical books. Reading is more calming than listening. A physical book can be turned into an audiobook for Android users.

Most people like the option to listen to books rather than read them. Because there are some things that simply make reading harder. Things that are quite normal in the context.

The capability to free convert a book into an audiobook and then listen to it can save you a lot of time by avoiding extra screentime. You can listen to audiobooks wherever you want without carrying extra weight.

You can listen to a book while driving or other boring, repetitive tasks that don't require your whole focus. It's a good thing Android allows books to be converted to audio books.

How to Make an Audiobook from a Physical Book on Android

To create an audiobook from a physical book, you need to download two apps, from below.

Follow these steps to Create a Free Audiobook

  1. Launch The vFlat App Give it access to your storage and camera
  2. Now Scan Your Physical Book Pages Using The App
  3. Take Pictures of Pages one by One. You can scan as many pages as you want
  4. After Scannig Finished, Click on Library From menu where all the pictures are stored.
  5. Go to Default Folder to Find Your Scanned Pictures
  6. Now Select all the pages you want to convert in to audiobook
  7. Click More Tab from Menu Select Create TXT file and give it a desired name
  8. Now Open Evie App.
  9. Select the Library icon from top menu and click Folder button to find newly produced TXT file.
  10. Click the Play button and start listening your Audiobook

You can make an unlimited number of audiobooks using this way. You can also use the Envie App to import an ebook from your phone and listen to free audiobooks without needing to carry a book with you.

It's an excellent option for students or professionals who just wish to read some notes in their free time without carrying extra weight. You can make an endless number of audiobooks and save them to your phone to listen to later.

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