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The Ultimate Guide to Getting (FREE) Facebook Traffic - Step by Step

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Get Free Traffic From Doing Facebook Marketing

Do you want to know how to get Facebook traffic without paying a dollar?

Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool.

You've most likely already heard this. After all, it is the world's greatest social network

If you've been publishing content on Facebook to drive traffic to your website, you've definitely discovered that you're not receiving the desired results.

This is due to a decline in organic reach (engaging with fans without paying). And if people don't see your content on Facebook, it won't be able to drive traffic back to your website.

You don't have to look any further than the social site you refuse to confess you still use, Facebook.

You'll be able to spike your traffic and get your content and business in front of hyper-targeted groups of your ideal consumer using just this one social platform. For Free

I hope you're dressed to the nines because this is the ONLY guide you'll ever need to read if you want to generate MASSIVE free traffic and results from Facebook. Honestly. Ready?

Recognizing the Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm determines when and where organic page posts and ads for a company appear.

It is continuously changing and evolving, which means marketers must continually be on their toes in order to figure out what to expect.

They all have one thing in common: they all want to enhance the Facebook experience for users, so that's where you should start if you want to figure out what's going on.

What Facebook's Algorithm Likes (and Dislikes)

In general, the Facebook algorithm will always prefer posts that receive a large number of likes, comments, or shares, especially if that interaction occurs in a short period of time.

It will also prioritize providing content to a user if their friends have liked it, as well as post kinds that the user either engages with regularly or appears to appreciate.

This applies to both pages and posts - but we'll get to that later in the article.

What Facebook's algorithm does not like is also rather obvious. Spam, click-baiting, like baiting, repeated postings, text-only updates, strange interaction patterns, and too promotional content are all prohibited.

Why use Facebook for traffic?

With over 1.5 billion monthly active members, Facebook is the world's largest social network by far.

With such numbers, it's difficult to claim that your target market isn't on Facebook.

After reading this post, you'll be armed with Facebook traffic knowledge bombs that will propel you past the restricted reach your Facebook page now receives and into the land of Facebook traffic gold.

So, now that you've put on your party clothes and have the checklist, here's what we're going to cover:

  1. Optimize Your Facebook Page to Increase Clicks
  2. Post Several Times Per Day
  3. Take Part in Facebook Groups
  4. Participate in Shout Out Exchanges with Other Facebook Pages
  5. Pin Your Top Post
  6. Contests are an excellent method to boost engagement
  7. Share with them your behind-the-scenes photos and stories
  8. Selectively Share on Your Personal Profile
  9. Promote Your Facebook Page on Your Own Blog
  10. Convert Likers into Fans
  11. Analyze Your Page Insights

Ready? Let us started.

1. Optimize Your Facebook Page to Increase Clicks

Consider your Facebook profile to be a portal to your website. It provides a sneak look of your brand to your social media audience. If you haven't already, improve your page such that it engages people and encourages them to click on the link to your site.

Use Facebook's call-to-action buttons.

Book Now, Contact Us, Send Message, Call Now, Sign Up, Send Email, Watch Video, Learn More, Shop Now, See Offers, Use App, and Play Game are some of the CTA button alternatives.

Simply go to your Facebook business page and select the "Add a Button" button.

The majority of these options direct visitors to your website. Sign Up and Learn More buttons, for example.

2. Post Several Times Per Day

You can drive traffic to your website from your blog and other social networks, but you should also drive traffic from Facebook.

Exchanging shout-outs with other Facebook Pages similar to yours is one technique to gain traffic from Facebook, but publishing on your Facebook Page numerous times each day is one of the most effective strategies to obtain more traffic from Facebook.

Not only is it necessary to post on your Facebook Page numerous times per day to increase traffic, but publishing on your Facebook Page multiple times per day also enables you to create a better relationship with your existing audience.

It's pointless to have a popular Facebook Page with over 100,000 likes if you're not going to communicate with your audience by sending out content.

3. Take Part in Facebook Groups

Have you ever heard the expression "go where your audience is"? When you search for terms related to your niche, you may come across active Facebook Groups that may have thousands of members.

People who are members of the Facebook Group are likely to hit the like button on your Facebook Page, but only if they see it.

When you join Facebook Groups, you must follow the Group Rules. That implies you're not marketing your Facebook Page in a post or remark 99% of the time.

You can post and comment on your Facebook Page, but if you say anything like, "Please like my Facebook Page," you will lose respect in that community and will most likely be thrown from.

Before you join in, observe how the other members of the Group communicate with one another. Looking at how other people interact will teach you how to interact in a way that the other members of your group will notice and enjoy.

4. Participate in Shout Out Exchanges with Other Facebook Pages

One of the most underrated methods for increasing Facebook Page likes is to engage in shout-out exchanges with other Facebook Pages.

You should contact the owners of Facebook Pages that are comparable to yours and request a shout-out exchange.

If you are a digital marketing specialist with a Facebook Page on digital marketing, you would use this method to target other successful digital marketers with Facebook Pages.

People you contact should have a similar amount of likes to you. If you approach someone who has a tiny number of likes in comparison to the number of likes you have, you will not receive the best bargain.

5. Pin Your Top Post

Do you have a particularly successful Facebook post? In other words, it received more reactions, shares, and comments than other posts.

If you don't know what to say, go to your Facebook page's Insights section and look at the performance of your posts.

Whatever you find to be effective, pin that content to the top of your page.

Pinning a Facebook post is a clever way to quadruple your traffic because it is the first thing people see when they visit your page.

6. Contests are an excellent method to boost engagement

Contests are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website if used strategically. Running competitions on social media is a wonderful idea.

So, how might an online contest help you get traffic from Facebook? Here's the solution: Check to see whether your contest may be shared on Facebook. A Facebook sharing icon should be included on your contest share page.

When people enter your contest on Facebook, have them visit your blog, leave a comment on your article, and promote your contest. The contest will increase blog traffic and engagement, as well as encourage others to share your campaign.

7. Share with them your behind-the-scenes photos and stories

When you strive to get more personal with your audience, something remarkable happens. Being real allows you to connect with others and create trust. It demonstrates your humanity.

This, in turn, increases people's interest in your company, resulting in increased website traffic.

8. Selectively Share on Your Personal Profile

If you're like the majority of individuals, you have friends who haven't liked your page.

While you should keep your personal profile as private as possible, there's nothing wrong with sometimes sharing your greatest content.

We frequently see business owners do both so that they may share with two distinct audiences.

While you don't want to spam your friends and cause a frenzy of unfriending, it's good employing this method sparingly to increase traffic. After all, if your friends enjoy your content, they will gladly share it with their networks.

9. Promote Your Facebook Page on Your Own Blog

WordPress plugins exist that enable you to show your Facebook Page and parts of its posts straight on your site.

If your blog readers enjoy your content, they will be persuaded to like your Facebook Page.

Your blog readers, on the other hand, will only like your Facebook Page if you add a call-to-action. A call-to-action can be included in your blog's sidebar.

If you don't have a fancy widget or plugin that shows your Facebook Page and the like button, you can always link to your Facebook Page with a picture of the Facebook logo that reads "Like Us On Facebook" or something similar.

As a result, when someone clicks on the "Like Us On Facebook" button in your blog's sidebar, they will be sent to your Facebook Page.

10. Convert Likers into Fans

Do you have another example of a squandered Facebook traffic-building opportunity? Individuals who have interacted with your post but have not liked your page.

Let's face it: your page isn't a huge deal if they already enjoy what they see. All you have to do sometimes is ask.

That information may be found here.

Look at the bottom of any post to see where the reactions are listed.

When you click on the names, you'll get a list of everyone who has commented on the post. Anyone who hasn't liked your page yet will see an Invite link next to their name. To ask them to like your page, click the Invite button.

As more individuals take advantage of this offer, your audience and traffic will grow over time.

11. Analyze Your Page Insights

It is just as vital to know when to post material as it is to submit content.

You can get Facebook Page Insights for free if you have a Facebook Page.

These Insights tell you when a substantial portion of your audience is on Facebook, and this information will tell you when times of day are best for sharing your content.

For example, you may learn that more people in your target audience are on Facebook every Tuesday at 6 p.m. than at any other hour on Tuesday.

You should send Facebook posts primarily during optimal times when you know your audience will view them, so that those messages can spread further and attract more engagement.

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