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Submit Your Site to Top 6 Search Engines & Boost Organic Traffic

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Search Engine Submission Websites Lists

You are all aware that search engines are one of the best free sources of traffic. People find several things to help them get the best results with the respective keywords from the search engine. You will get things such as videos, images, web pages and anything you want using the search engine.

Search engines are today the primary source of organic web traffic, with Google & Bing the most popular search engine. For SEO, it's not enough to get organic traffic from Google or other search engines by submitting the best search engines to your web site.

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search Engine Submission is the method by which a website is sent to a search engine (for example Google, Bing, etc.) so that it can be included in their search results and index your site.

The submission of the Search Engine is primarily intended to promote a site for which the Webmasters submit one web page at a time or which the site fully uses the Sitemap.

why is it required to submit a blog/website to search engine?

A search engine is one of the crawlers to Crawl the web pages that you have submitted and for the best content quality based on keywords, and for SERP. Most billions of users come to the search engine to search their questions, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If your site is new, I recommend you to apply your blog or website to various submission sites for search engines.

Benefits of search engine submission sites

Dofollow links: You gain access to high-quality backlinks when you submit your website or blog on the Dofollow Search Engine Submission Sites List. These backlinks from various search engines can boost the influence and presence of the search engine with a specific company’s brand keywords.

Traffic: With search engine index pages systematically boost your accessibility and increase traffic with organic visitors to your website. The bulk of these visitors are potential customers who prefer products and services similar to what you offer.

Brand presence: Via search engines, people today learn about brands, products, and companies. You improve the popularity of your brand across the web when you submit your website to the Best Search Engine Submission List.

More sales: You will notice improved sales and conversions over time with more traffic coming to your website.

Best Free Search Engine Submission Sites 2020

1. Google

Google is by far the world's most popular search engine. It's hardly a secret. Around 79 billion people use Google every month to find all kinds of information on the internet.

Google has gained almost 70% of the search engine market. The tech giant still improves and strives to refine the algorithm for the search engine to give the end-user the best performance.

Clearly, if you want to be listed on Google, indexing your site is an absolute must. Indexing is also able to record the improvements that you make to your site. For example, when you add new pages, Google spiders will note the change and refresh the index of your web. An up-to-date index will show users what's new on your web, based on their searches.

If you update your content regularly, Google indexing your website as frequently as possible is a good idea. Frequent indexing means that any newly added pages on your website are included in the search results.

Submit Website to Google

2. Bing

In 2009, Bing replaced MSN Search as Microsoft's answer to Google. Their start-up with just 8.4% of the search market share rapidly hit 10%, and in a deal with Yahoo Search power later in the year, they grew to 28.1%. In 2016, AOL was added to the search results for pages.

Bing has recently done a number of plays in the advertising area in order to match Google, adding many features to Bing Ads, ranging from improving AdWord importation to keyword match change and monitoring to upgrade their systems as well as supporting managers of AdWords that are already familiar to their systems to work on.

Unlike the Google Search Console, where all supported protocols have to be submitted separately, you only need to upload one version of your Bing site.

For a new domain, it is strongly recommended that the website URLs be sent manually to Bing Webmaster Tools. This gives your site a chance to be viewed more easily by your target audience. Please note that your web pages need at least one backlink before Bing can find it.

Yahoo has no tool to submit the website to the search engine. It takes the data from Bing and indexes it to thier search engine.

Submit Website to Bing

3. Yandex

Yandex Search is a Russian-owned search engine and it is the main product of Yandex. Yandex Search is the Russian Federation's leading search engine with More than 92% of Russian monthly visitors. It is also popular in Ukraine, China, Belarus, and Germany, other than Russia.

Yandex operates much like many other popular search engines – adding a question and hitting the search bar. A list of results will then be provided for recommended websites and pages. Depending on the scope of the search terms, videos and images can also appear.

Yandex operates much like many other popular search engines – adding a question and hitting the search bar. A list of results will then be provided for recommended websites and pages. Depending on the scope of the search terms, videos and images can also appear.

To submit your site to this Yandex Search Engine, you need to go to the Yandex Webmaster tool and enter all the information you have made with the google search console. There's no connection between Google and Yandex. But you've got to search your site ownership again.

Yandex also offers a Turbo mode where it increases the website's loading speed to reduce the Bounceback rate. It will help you gain more traffic and get a high search engine rating.

Submit Website to Yandex

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine that does not track you, incorporate your data into your social media, or use your search history to target ads. The technology behind DuckDuckGo effectively generates search results by blocking other search engines (such as Google) from using tracking systems.

DuckDuckGo is not as well known as Google with only 1.75 percent of its market share. So even though DuckDuckGo is not one of the leading search engines, it is not to be cut off. Since it doesn't monitor traffic, the site itself says that it doesn't know how many users this has.

Submit Website to DuckDuckGo

5. Baidu

In Chinese search, Baidu is the undisputed leader. You will need a profound understanding of the optimization of the search giant to be truly successful in China SEO.

However, it is difficult to optimize Baidu using the same Google method near the top of page 1. Baidu SEO has its own specific and challenging environment covering complex language problems, cultural differences, user behavior, legal problems, censorship, and technological aspects.

Baidu provides a range of services, including cloud storage, trip advisor, maps, music, video platforms, translation services, a Wikipedia clone with over 13 million items, web browsers and Android operating systems, as well as self-driving cars, as Google does not restrict itself to search. Same as Google, Baidu sells advertising on its search results and the ad network, for the vast majority of its revenues.

Submit Website to Baidu

6. Sogou

Sogou was founded in 2004 and is one of the largest search engines in China. Whereas Baidu dominates the Chinese search market as simply as Google dominates the western search market, there are many competitors for the second position, Sogou is one of them.

Sogou has joined major search players like Bing, Baidu and obviously Google for artificial intelligence innovation, but it may be put at a disadvantage by its limited scale. A big search engine like Baidu has access to more data for its machine learning algorithms and performs more than 583 million searches daily.

Submit Website to Sogou

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