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Yahoo Small Business Offer - Free Domain Name for 1 Year With Email and Hosting Package

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Yahoo Free Web Hosting domain Email package

Yahoo has opened its own startup called Yahoo Small Business, to help small business owners in bringing their businesses online and globally.

Yahoo Small Business offers its Get Online service. The Get Online deal worth more than $120 is their best hope that thousands more small businesses will continue to connect online without thinking about the costs.

It's a great deal by Yahoo Small Business for the Startups who want to launch their business online and Get a Free Domain & Hosting package Free for 1 Year.

This is a Limited time offer which ends on Dec 31, 2020. This package with website, domain, and 5 email addresses Is free for a 1-year annual plan. Upon expiration, regular subscription fees will apply. You can cancel your service anytime within the free 12-month term.

What's Yahoo Small Business is offering for free?

  • Free Custom Domain
  • Free Themes and website Builder
  • Free five Business Emails
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Free Business Plan and consultation
  • Your Business reports (Expenses and revenues etc.)

How to register a Free Domain Name with Hosting

  1. Yahoo Small Business Offer page
  2. Click on Start for Free
  3. Provide your Business Details and continue
  4. Choose your desired domain name and complete the order (You Need to Provide a credit card to confirm your identity)
  5. Once you are done you can launch your website online by logging into the control panel

Note:This Plan is Free for 1-Year. After that, you will be charged regular fees. So, if you don't like to continue, You can cancel the plan anytime.

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