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How to Track Someone's Live Location Using These Methods

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Live Tracking Using GPS Free

Everyone has their own reasons to find someone's real-time location with ease. Parents might want to find out about the approximate location of their children to ensure their safety. Tracking the location of their partner for married couples suspecting a case of infidelity gives them peace of mind and stability.

With so many advancements today, it's easier than ever to find someone you care about! All You need is their permission to share their real-time location with you using mobile apps or tools by turning GPS On.

You can do both the activities by sharing your location with your people and track their location in real-time. To do that you need to Keep Your GPS and Connected to the Internet either via Mobile Data or WIFI.

1. Track Someone With Mobile Apps

Using Apps is an easy way to get started. Simply Install the Apps, Configure, and You are Ready to Go. You Can Set Notification 'On' for some locations. so, when someone arrives at the place, you will get instant push notifications on your phone.

We found some of the top Free Mobile apps you can use by creating a team or by directly sharing them a link that asks them to share a location with you.

  1. Life360: For Android | For iOS
  2. Glympse : For Android | For iOS
  3. FollowMee : For Android | For iOS
  4. iSharing : For Android | For iOS

2. Google Maps

Google Maps has its own location sharing feature. You can add people to your list and share your real-time location with them.

How to Share Location From Google Maps?

  1. Download Google Maps App
  2. Open the Menu From Left and Click Location Sharing
  3. Now Click on Add People Icon from Right and Then Choose Your Location Sharing Duration. You Can Choose for Few Hours or Lifetime
  4. If you are choosig second option "Until you turn this off" then click More and find your Contacts or Enter Email Address of Th Recipients
  5. Now They Will Recieve Invitation Link via Email
  6. Once they accept it, They can see your your live location through google map apps

3. Facebook Neaby Friend

Nearby Friends is a Facebook feature that will let you know when your friend is nearby. You can also use the feature to track the location of your friend in real-time. This feature is available in the mobile Facebook app, where you will periodically be alerted until activated when your friends are within the proximity range of your current location. Nearby Friends is an opt-in feature; meaning, it is OFF unless you turn the feature ON.

Nearby friends can be found on the "More" tab at the bottom of the FB app. Click the "more" tab to see Nearby Friends. If you turn it off, you'll be prompted to turn it on.

Once on, you'll see a list of Nearby Friends – those on your Facebook friends list who have ALSO decided to turn this feature on. (This means you're not going to see all of your friends listed here).

If you've used Nearby Friends and decided it wasn't for you, just turn the feature off. Follow the same steps (More tab > Nearby Friends > Settings) and slide the slider to the left until the slider is no longer green.

Still Not Using Facebook App? Download on Android Phone | Download on iOS

4. Whatsapp Location Share

Whatsapp Location sharing feature allows you to share your live location with anyone from your contact list. You can use this feature to share the location with your friends by sharing your location by choosing the expiring time.

How to Share Location? Open Your Friends Chat, Then Click on Pin Icon from Bottom. Click on Location then Click Share Live Location and Choose The Hours and Send.

You are allowed to share the location for a maximum of 8 hours. Once it has done, the location sharing will be stopped.

So use any of the above methods to share your live location with people either for a limited time or for a lifetime. Use these free methods to track anyone in real-time.

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