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Compress Big File Into Small one using KGB Archiver

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compress big files

KGB Archiver is a free and open-source software that compress the big file into small. With the Use of KGB Archiver, you can convert 1GB to 10MB easily.

Note: If you are compressing any file with KGB archiver and sending the compressed file to your friends then he must have a KBG archiver installed on his computer to decompress the file.

Click here To download KGB Archiver

System Requirements:

- 256 MB RAM
- 1.5 GHz Processor

Features of KGB Archiver

- Supports native .kgb files and .zip files
- AES-256 Encryption
- Able to create self-extracting archives.
- Multilanguage supports like Arabic, German, Greek, Japanese, Spanish many more.
- Unicode is supported in both User Interface and File Systems.
- An Explorer shell extension is available for the windows version.
- Make Password protected compressed file.

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