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How to Send Animated images In facebook chatbox

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Send animated images to facebook chatbox

Facebook doesn't allow you to upload an animated pic but with my method, you share animated images in the chatbox. here I have added some list of funny animated images just check out.

List of images

1. Gangnam style
2. Harry Porter
3. Old Man Dancing
4. Moron
5. kid stepping funny
6. Shut Up
7. Oppa Gotham Style
8. cool Smiley
9. Angry Queen
10. Elephant Dancing
11. Don't LOL Read
12. Mixer
13. Dancing Chicken
14. Flip The Frog
15. Joker Clap

How to send Animated Images in chat box ?

1. Open any of the above note
animated image on facebook note

2. Click Share than in Share This Note change On your own timeline to In a Private Message
animated picture in facebook private chat

3. Enter a friend's name and click Share Note
share animated images to chatbox

4. Now check that animated image in chatbox :-)


  1. nice info
    but why not share how to make note like that??

  2. Nice tips.. Thank you for sharing this to us...



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