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Install Hello Bar to your Blog

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hello bar for blogger

The Hello bar is a Web Toolbar that Helps You Get More Clicks on Your Website. Try this simple notification bar to better engage your users.

Hello bar is a useful tool for bloggers to Drive more attention of the user to your most important content. You can set any new announcement or new launching using the Hello bar.

Features Of Hellobar:

- Beautiful look and awesome textures
- Easy Installation
- Easy to customize (No need to edit any code just update your bar)
- Endless possibilities to customize the color combination of your HelloBar
- Full statistics of the Click-Throughs

How To Add Hellobar To Blogger:

Visit : and Register your account.

#1 Create & Craft Your Hello Bar

First, add your message and call-to-action. Then make it unique by editing the appearance. You can change colors, fonts and even textures (or choose from our default themes). Once you have a style you like, save it as your own theme for quick access later.

#2 Embed Your Code

Hello Bar uses a simple javascript snippet that is placed in your <body> tag. Once it's there you never have to touch it again. You can modify your Hello Bar at any time with the visual editor.

You are done now.

Monitor your stats with details on your Hello bar Dashboard.

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