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Get free .com Domain names from AngelsGate

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free domain names

AngelsGate is Asia's latest reality TV series where entrepreneurs have the opportunity of a lifetime to pitch their dream business ideas to some of Asia's most successful investors.

AngelsGate Giving away free .com Domains for just completing simple steps.

Steps to get your free domain

1. Go to angelsgate
2. Start a project (Make it Legit)
3. Get 10 Facebook Likes to the project (You will see a small like button in the bottom)
4. You are done, Wait some time you will be getting mail to get your free domain.

Important Points:

1. You will get the domain, free google apps like mail, docs, etc and one-month hosting.
2. The best thing is domain is valid till one year and you can change DNS to your hosting, it means you are not forced to use Hostgator hosting. WIN-WIN-WIN

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