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Redirect your Country Specific Blogger URL to

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Lately, Google changed a lot of things along with its policies. Google started redirecting blogger blogs to country-specific URLs. Let's consider that you have open in your browser, you might be redirected to if you are located in India or to if you access the same blog from Australia. It is not a new thing for a few days that your blog may redirect to a country based domain. Perhaps it is worldwide. Every blogger blog owner may have the same problem of automatic redirection. So here in this post, we have a tweak that enables your blog to stay on URL.

How To Redirect Your Blog To .Blogspot.Com

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
2. Find for </head> tag.
3. Add below code just above </head> tag.
<script type="text/javascript">
var blog = document.location.hostname;
var slug = document.location.pathname;
var ctld = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf("."));
if (ctld != ".com") {
var ncr = "http://" + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf("."));
ncr += "" + slug;

Save your template.
Now your Blog will always redirect to the URL.


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