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Upload Animated Pictures on your Facebook Page/Profile ByPass pic Tag

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animated picture on facebook

Now you can upload animated Pictures to your Facebook profile without tagging someone's pic. Though you can't upload new Gif's but you can add some old images to your profile.

For this you will need Firebug Add-ons for Firefox. Install it from here.

First go to any profile that have animated picture you want to upload. Find animated pic's here.

# Click on any pic and find fbid

facebook animated pictures

# Create a life event

facebook uploading animated pictures

# Click Choose from photos... then click Photos of You.

animated GIF on facebook

# Right click any pic and click inspect Element with Firebug

moving picture on facebook wall

# Change fbid with that animated pic's fbid and click again on that image.

facebook gif from server

# Now your animated pic upload.

facebook animations

Now save that event and open that animated pic and tag your self.

Well done, You have uploaded animated image without tagging some one's pic ;-)


  1. Not working..
    Picture does not animate

  2. it works, you might have uploaded image thats why its not animated. just follow this tut and yu'll get animated pic

  3. ptched! now never working.,., but thanx you see me easyest way for this trick., i know very hard methods


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