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Get ShareThis Social sharing button for your website

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ShareThis puts sharing to work for you. Use the most innovative social media and sharing platform for the Web, ShareThis. Whether you want the simplest, most robust tools to turn your media social, or to find the right audience for your advertising message

You no need to require any skills or don't need to pay a penny.

Get the share button for your site:

first, go to this this link
Step 1. Platform, if you are using a blogger then choose a blogger or you have a simple website just choose the first option www.
Step 2. Style, Select how you would like to present the sharing buttons. You can either select the Buttons for the traditional implementation or Bars for persistent sharing options.
Step 3. Customization, select your services to drop you add-ons to "Selected Services" and check out a preview of your buttons.

In the final step, just click "FINISH: Get the Code" and register to your site after that get your code and install it to your site.

you are done now ;)

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