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Create spam mail

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create mass emails

We certainly get annoyed by receiving junk email (spam) repeatedly to our Inbox. In addition, spam emails often inserted by a destructive virus. Now! To create spam mail is very easy. Less than 5 minutes, we've been able to send spam emails without worrying about our identity will be detected. (Remember!!. This tutorial is only for education).

We need the help of Mail Creator. This software will help us to create many email addresses. Amazingly, creating this email is without any verification process. So, the owner of the email will be difficult to be identified.

Once the download is complete, install on the computer and follow these steps:

1. On the display screen of Mail creator, remove the checkmark in the "Random PWS"
2. Write the number of emails that you want to create in the "How Many" box, then press Create button Mails "
3. After generating process is complete, you will see the email that You make with vendor
4. Click the checkbox between the list of email addresses and passwords
5. Then, save the email address to the computer by pressing the Save users button.
6. Visit to start using email. Enter your account one hat you created and fill in the correct password.

You already have a spam email account and you can start sending emails to the destination address. To get very many email addresses, you can also pass up on Facebook or the mailing list.

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