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Re-Active Deleted Twitter Account

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Re-Active Twitter Account

In every online account services, there must be some option to disable accounts that have been made previously. Likewise, with Twitter, you can get a menu where you can disable or remove your twitter account. If you want to reactivate a twitter account that has been erased, may prefer one of two steps:

1. Sending eMail Support

You can use the first way to send the eMail support to: You must include the reasons why you must re-enable your twitter account and why was your twitter account deleted and some other data to strengthen the application returns a twitter account.

And most importantly, when sending eMail, use the same email address you use to login to your Twitter account when it was still active. This as evidence that you are the owner of the Twitter account.

2. Use Form Twitter Help Center

You can also fill out the form Twitter Help Center here by selecting Account deactivation / restoration. For another filling column, include a clear reason why your account must be activated again and some other data as evidence of your seriousness to activate your account. And just as before, enter your eMail and the username you use to log into twitter.

The length of time the account activation process also depends on the staff Twitter itself. You can only pray and hope that the reason that you can receive a Twitter account so that you can re-active.

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