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Extract Email ids from any page in 5 steps

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Emails ids extracter

Step 1

Find a page where a lot of people have posted their email ids in comments or posts.

For example http://www.oyindia.in/forum/thread-8716.html

You can also checkout the mafia wars add pages on fb or orkut community forums about recharge codes and scams.

Step 2

To know how many email ids are there on the page just click find (Ctr+F) and input @ you will see the number of email ids (I'm using Google Chrome browser)

Step 3

Now select all the text (Ctrl+A) on the page and copy it (Ctrl+C)

Step 4

Open this link http://eel.surf7.net.my/ and on the input window paste the content you copied (Ctrl+V), click extract and wait a few seconds.

Step 5

After a while, on the output window, you will get the extracted email ids. Copy-paste that into notepad or excel and save. Go to more pages and do the same and build a list.

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