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Watching TV Online With Mozilla Firefox

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This is a way that you can enjoy online television on the internet. In the Mozilla firefox online TV is available various TV stations from around 100 countries. There will also give several choices of channels such as NewsTV, SportTV, MusicTV, Kids TV, Lifestyle TV, and others.

To enjoy Watching TV Online From Mozilla Firefox, you just need to add the Mozilla add-ons from the FOX TV-firefox and a plugin windows media player. Here are the detail installation steps :

1. Make sure the browser you are using is Mozilla Firefox.
2. Install the add-ons TV FOX, by clicking Add To Firefox button. Wait until complete installation, then restart the Mozilla to work.
3. Install windows media player plugin on your computer, and follow the installation process to complete.
4. After the installation, you will see the Fox TV toolbar on Mozilla. Please click on Live TV by Country or Live TV by Category to select TV channels.

In this simple way, you can enjoy international television shows without having another tool like a parabola.

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