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Facebook stylish Themes -Stylish

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The destination of changing Facebook background is to appear more beautiful and not boring, so we can linger on Facebook. The following tutorial requires Mozilla Firefox browsers

The first way:

- Download and install Stylish 0.5.9, then click the add to firefox. Wait until the requested “restart” and open firefox again.
- Choose a Facebook collection layout on facebook styles, click on one layout, for example, Facebook Skin - Spiderman skin 2009.
Next, click "Load Into Stylish" at the bottom corner.

To see the results, log into your Facebook account, or if you are already logged in, reload the page or push F5 on your keyboard

The second way:

Visit www.chameleontom.com. on the site, click Install the plugin to download.
Then double-click setup.exe file to install on the computer. Follow the installation process to completion and you'll be requested to restart firefox (closed and open again).

Then visit http://chameleontom.com/catalog/, to select the preferred facebook layouts, then click "Install", or click "view" to view a demo version.

Read more: https://www.cybertweaks.com/2011/04/facebook-stylish-themes-stylish.html#ixzz6Ad4kjLOz

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