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Display Database Password Of Firefox SIGN-ON

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When you browse the internet using firefox browser, username and password are usually stored in the cache firefox in Firefox sign-on database. This is very risky because if there are other users who use your computer and be able to unlock the encryption of Firefox she could see the password and username to open an accounting website such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or others.

To display the passwords stored in Firefox is not too difficult. We can use a software called FirePasswordViewer. Here are the ways:

1. Download FirePasswordViewer portable Application

2. By default, the application will show the path the user profile firefox if not raised (due to using portable firefox) write in the column Firefox Install Path

3. Click the Start Recovery button, it will display websites, passwords and usernames are stored in Firefox.

4. Click the Show Passwords button to see the encrypted passwords. This software can display the results of the recovery password in the form of HTML files.

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