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Build Your IM Bot

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Create an account on

Go To, My Bots and Create a New bot

Set your Bot name and screen name there

now the third list is Bot URL

just create an account on free hosting.


copy the following code and save as PHP file > bot.php

switch ($_REQUEST['step']) {
case 1:
echo "Hi, what's your name?";
case 2:
echo "Hi " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . ", where do you live?";
case 3:
echo "Well, welcome to this hello world bot, " . $_REQUEST['value1'] . "<br>from " . $_REQUEST['value2'] . ".<reset>";

now just upload the file to your server.

your link would be like this

paste this on BOT URL and click on create Bot.

Now for setting Bopt to you, I'm Gtalk, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.

go under network setting click on the icon of in which you want to set bot and click on activate.

now you are Done :)

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