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    Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    Get Maximum Points from AddMeFast without doing much


    increase points on addmefast

    AddMeFast is one the leading social media exchange site. For getting points on AddMeFast you need to follow or like or doing task for other in order to gaining points which soon you can redeemed for facebook likes, twitter followers, instagram followers, pinterest followers, website hits etc..

    I have a method by using it you can get many points without doing much. It's an Imacros script for that you need to have Mozilla Firefox Browser installed in your Pc and also Imacros addon.

    I was using facebook like and twitter followers for exchange but after some time my account was blocked because doing it too many time. then i tried Youtube likes and it worked for me.

    Install Imacros from This link:

    Start With Addmefast

    1. Register on addmefast by clicking here
    2. You need to verify your account by email to be able to use their site.
    3. login to your youtube account in mozilla browser and close that tab after logging in.
    4. Now on your browser you will see Imacros icon on right hand side

    Just click on that and imacros tab will open.

    5. you can see many macros already there you just go to #Current.iim right click and click Edit Macro and remove existing code and replace with the following,

    TAB T=2
    FRAME F=0
    TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=ID:watch-like
    TAB T=2
    TAB T=1

    addmefast mozilla imacros addon

    6. Now do make some settings on your macros.

    got to Edit > Options > General >

    There, change Replay speed to Slow and Timeout Limit to 200

    7. Now go to the Add me fast Youtube Likes page:

    8. play the loop up to your choice. foe example choose 300 and click play(LOOP)

    addmefast points for youtube

    Good luck :)


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