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    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Twitter announces new profile pages With Header Photo


    Twitter header pictures

    Twitter has just announced a new design for profile pages. The new Twitter profile page allows its users to upload a header photo, similar to Facebook profile covers. The whole page is not revamped, only the header part is redesigned. The new header cover is placed at the right sidebar, making the Timeline section less visible above the fold.

    How To Get Header Photo For Your Twitter Profile Page

    1. All you need to activate this new feature is go to your Twitter settings and then click Design. You can go directly to this page by clicking here.

    2. Scroll down and you should see a new option Change Header. You can upload any image from your computer, with the maximum file size of 5MB. Twitter suggests you to not upload an image with the dimensions smaller than 1252×626.

    3. Once you have uploaded a new image as your header photo, click save settings.

    That's all now back to you profile.


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