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    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    Get free Top Level Domains from Google and Intuit


    free TLD for 1 year

    Recently Google have launched Wisconsin Get Your Business Online Program. Wisconsin Get Your Business Online is designed to make it easy, free and fast for any business to get online. You don’t have to pay anything for this. It is provided by Google. You can get signup for it from any country and get your business online easily and fast.

    Here's what you'll get — free for one year:

    - Easy-to-build Intuit website
    - Customized domain name
    - Web hosting for one year
    - Online tools and training

    Now get Register for Free TLD's for 1 year:

    1. Click here to go to Wisconsin homepage
    2. Now click on sign in with your Google account > and click continue button after that.
    3. Next you need to you intuit websites password. Fill the details and accept term and conditions and click on continue button.
    4. Then you will be redirected to Intuit Website to register a free .com domain name. Click continue button. after that Select first one i.e – Choose a domain ( for your website.

    free domains to register

    5. Tick Unmark Domain Privacy so your set up fees keep stay at 0.00$

    Free domains with privacy

    6. Now at billing Information Use following Details:

    Name on card : rehan khan
    Card type : Visa
    Credit card number : 4067424205414109
    Expiration date : 02-2013
    Card security number : 145

    7. Now you are done just wait for their Confirmation email and then you can start running your site :)

    * For changing nameservers or DNS server setting, first login to Intuit And click to Domains then you will find Domain setting under Domain Control

    NOTE: if this credit card wont work then try and use cc info.


    1. Whow this is working! i got Thank you.

    2. from this trick i got domain but after 2 days they closed my account..
      so is there any solution i can get my domain back ?

    3. Create a new One. that's been a problem with them some account get closed in some days and some last long

    4. Get free Top Level Domains from Google and Intuit

    5. Very nice blog with helpful material I have also a post like yours:

      Get Free .Com Domain With Free Hosting From Google

    6. hi, I want to host the Domain in blogger but the CNAMES can't update..
      any solution..?

    7. need an updated data please , now is 3/2013 , help please !