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    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    10 Of The Best Video Hosting Websites


    Free Video Hosting websites

    There are many Video hosting site to share your video online publicly. YouTube is obviously the best video hosting site but there are many other sites which you would like to know about. here we have some of the top sites fro video hosting and you will find many alternatives of YouTube.

    check out the list of top video Hosting sites

    1. YouTube
    Youtube free video hosting

    2. VideoJug
    VideoJug free video hosting

    3. HowCast
    HowCast video hosting

    4. AtomFilms
    AtomFilms Video host site

    5. DailyMotion
    Video publishing

    6. vZaar
    Video Download sites

    7. MetaCafe
    Video sharing sites

    8. CollegeHumor
    Video viral share

    9. BlipTV
    Top Video hosting

    10. Vimeo
    free cost video hosting

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