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    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Display AL-QURAN Application On Facebook


    Read, recite, and listen to the Holy Qur'an right on Facebook. Translations are available in 23 languages and counting. Listen to amazing audio recitations featuring 7 Qari's and display your favourite verses on your profile from this free Islamic application !

    1. To install the Qur’an facebook application, :
    - Login on your facebook.
    - Open the following url:
    - Click Allow Button.
    - You will be taken to the Settings Page
    - Organize the application as you want.
    - click Save Settings.
    - Put the application in your profile on the top right corner of your facebook.

    2. To create a qur’an play list, open :

    3. To return to the settings page, open :


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